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Hospitality is the great leveller

While UKHospitality is not shy with tough talk when it comes to putting pressure on the government to support our sector, the latest initiative looks as near as they might get to a bit of sweet talking.

In a new report, ‘Level up hospitality – level up society’, the industry body sets out how we can support the Levelling Up agenda. It makes much of the fact that hospitality, with its reach from big city giants to small businesses in towns and villages, is uniquely placed to deliver growth and opportunity across the country and play its part in delivering the government’s and society’s priorities, generating jobs and economic growth.

Before the pandemic, hospitality created £130bn in economic activity, generated £39bn in tax and represented 10 per cent of UK employment. The report identifies six areas in which the sector can deliver the greatest impact:

  • Local leadership – UKHospitality will support local government to ensure hospitality businesses thrive
  • Skills – UKHospitality will better promote hospitality as an attractive career of choice
  • Pride in place – demonstrating how venues are at the core of every local community
  • Health & wellbeing – showcasing the sector’s role as complementary to a healthy lifestyle
  • Digital connectivity – ensuring all venues can offer consumers access to high-speed data
  • Research & development – playing a leading role in the roll-out of R&D across the sector

Kate Nicholls, UKHospitality CEO, says: “Despite more than two years of setbacks, the sector is ready to get back on track and lead the way towards sustainable recovery and resilience. Hospitality is the great leveller, and we are working closely with the government to deliver on its Levelling Up agenda, unlocking growth and opportunity in local economies across the country.

“Hospitality provides the solution to levelling up every community in the country and offers a vast range of opportunities, from entry level jobs to highly skilled ones. The inclusive nature of the sector provides opportunities for individuals across the ages, guided by a truly team spirited ethos in every venue.“

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