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Fresh answer for larger spaces

Fragrance and air-freshening specialist P-Wave is launching ourfresh-e, a new professional 30-day plug-in air freshener for larger spaces, at The Cleaning Show from March 14 to 16 at London’s Excel.

“Ourfresh-e delivers premium, pleasant fragrances which enhance the ambience of any venue, helping to reassure consumers that premises are clean, fresh, hygienic and safe,” says P-Wave’s Mark Wintle.

“A pleasant fragrance can be powerfully emotive, setting the mood, and creating a memorable experience. Ourfresh-e’s range – such as Coconut & Vanilla, Summer Sunshine, and Cotton Blossom deliver the perfect scent for each different location. If you’re tired of putting up with metered aerosol’s clouds of wet, sticky solvents and propellants, then ourfresh-e offers a modern solution to metered aerosol air freshening for larger spaces.”

Ourfresh-e contains three to five times more fragrance than supermarket purchased plug-ins. An intensity button allows you to select the right setting, and there are no screws or tapes needed to install. A high-speed fan improves air quality by drawing air through the charcoal filter, helping to clean the air for a better experience. Refills for ourfresh-e are 100 per cent recyclable and have very low VOC’s, contain no propellants or solvents, just fragrance. Wintle says: “We are working towards all of our products being 100 per cent recyclable, and the EcoPure additive to accelerate biodegradation is being added to additional products in our range.”

P-Wave will be exhibiting a full range of best-selling air freshening solutions, including Easy Fresh, which delivers efficient and lasting fragrance without the use of aerosols, and the company’s expanded range of urinal screens, which now includes longer lasting P-Wave 360 and the budget-friendly WCBasix.

Ourfresh-e contains up to to five times more fragrance than plug-ins sold in supermarkets
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