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Flexible solution for staffing dilemmas

London Staffing Solutions, an independent recruitment agency which started operating amid the Covid-19 pandemic, aims to support the capital’s hospitality industry as it reopens with a shared flexible workforce.

“We’re incredibly excited to see the hospitality industry in London reopen this Summer, but we’re also aware that this has been an exceptionally tough year for both employers and employees in the industry”, says John Wolfe, managing director of London Staffing Solutions.

“We know that there is a worrying shortage of staff to fill the hospitality business in London at present, and we think that a flexible workforce will not only help businesses survive through the industry’s reopening but also encourage many of the workforce to return to the UK, ready to fill vacant positions.”

London Staffing Solutions has set up a shared flexible workforce for hospitality businesses to access as and when they need staff, allowing them to increase and reduce their team’s size on demand for just one monthly fee. The staff sharing system is designed to save hospitality businesses time and money whilst tackling staff shortages head-on by providing vetted employees of all levels and disciplines to work across all participating venues.

For workers, it provides an opportunity to fit their career around their life. Members of the flexible workforce will be able to choose to build a full-time roster for themselves, work part-time, or top-up hours they are getting in their current workplaces, all while receiving one monthly salary.


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