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Five ways Hypnos tackles sustainability

Carolyn Mitchell, sales and marketing director at sustainable British bed manufacturer and sleep brand Hypnos Contract Beds, shares best practice

Nature-based solutions

First of all, the materials we use in our products are extremely important to us. Here at Hypnos, we take the time to review which materials are available for our products and, after we’ve conducted considerable and thorough research, rank them according to their sustainability credentials. Many other mattress and bed companies use PU foam materials; however, these are derived from fossil fuels and are incredibly bad for the environment. With this in mind, we aim to use as many nature-based comfort solutions as possible. For example, we have set up the first UK traceable wool scheme that embeds animal welfare and fairtrade into its core principles. We work and collaborate with ethical partners such as The Woolkeepers and Red Tractor’s assured farms to source completely traceable and certified British Wool.

True cost of sleep

There are many different aspects that need to be factored in to find the true cost of a good night’s sleep. Conducting an impact assessment of a business will help to determine the areas that may require improvement, as well as aid in defining a sustainability strategy. At Hypnos, we look at GHG emissions, biodiversity loss, waste and pollution, inequality, and climate change in order for us to measure improvements, as well as analysing where we can make impactful changes.

Health and wellbeing

Underpinning any sustainability strategy for a bed and mattress company should be providing the best possible sleep quality, particularly in the hospitality industry. Delivering a superior sleep experience is integral in helping improve the overall health and wellbeing of hotel guests. While there are a range of factors that go into getting a good night’s sleep, the bed is at the heart of any guestroom and a mattress is a pivotal part of the experience.

It goes without saying that if a consumer is laying on a comfortable mattress, then their sleep will be less disturbed and will ultimately help them to achieve a better sleep experience. To provide optimal sleep quality, we offer a number of specifications within our mattress range – after all, no two guests are the same, so a ‘one size fits all’ sleep solution is not possible.


With almost 120 years of expertise in handcrafting beds and delivering natural comfort, our approach here at Hypnos has always been to make a positive environment and social impact, investing in responsible innovation, nature-based circular designs, and initiatives to combat climate change. From the use of renewable natural resources and carbon offsetting programmes, to supporting worthy charities, local schools and nurturing future talent, sustainability and corporate social responsibility is completely embedded within our business. And with a dedicated sustainability team to continue to drive Hypnos forward in its sustainability journey, we are committed to being at the forefront of responsible sourcing and bedmaking.

Comfort with integrity

Delivering comfort with integrity is a key principle at Hypnos. Aiming to inspire people to sleep sustainably, we ensure every material and every process used in making Hypnos Contract Beds meet our exacting, sustainable standards, providing tailored solutions to deliver the ultimate sleep experience. We are also proud to be the first UK bed manufacture to become carbon neutral, and we achieved the prestigious Planet Mark Certification over a decade ago, which demonstrates our pioneering and long-running environmental credentials. Furthermore, we have also eliminated factory waste to landfill by ensuring all our mattresses are 100 per cent recyclable and any waste goes to a recycling source, helping to create a circular economy.

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Hypnos Contract Beds ensure a superior sleep experience
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