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Five Spring essentials for your hotel

Create your own signature experience with uplifting advice from Vision Linens

For hotel owners across the country, Spring is all hands-on deck. Following the peaks at Christmas and New Year and a slight hiatus in bookings in January and February, Easter marks the start of the new season. Being ready for guests and filled rooms means work, work, work. Hoteliers will be spending their days cleaning, dusting, and wiping surfaces from floor to ceiling; laundering and refreshing bedding, throws and pillows, adding all the finishing touches that impress – and taking bookings from guests more than ready for a break and hopefully the rays of some seasonal sunshine!

Vision Linens is a preferred partner to leading brands worldwide including Hilton, IHG, Marriott and Jumeirah. With the new season approaching, take inspiration from leading names with Five Spring Essentials to ensure you get 5-Star reviews for your 2024 guest experience.

Essential 1: First Impressions

Guests’ first impressions count and are undoubtedly made before they have even stepped out of the car. Leading brands in hospitality can wow with fountains, porte-cochère and immaculately dressed footmen, but what can your hotel do to create a the most stunning first impression?

Firstly, make sure your approach is clean and tidy and if you are lucky to have outdoor space, dress it with fresh furniture and plants. A dash of colour catches the eye, and flowering bulbs are a great reminder warmer weather is on the way.

For late arrivals lighting the way is not only practical but can create a magical welcome. Twinkly lights bound in trees, free-standing lights beside pathways and carefully placed up-lights in the borders all create an impressive reception.

In a world where guests now search on social media for destinations and hotel recommendations, making arrival moments Instagram-worthy for guests, who use popular channels, is a marketing opportunity not to be missed. Perfectly posed pictures, trending videos, and popular influencers who tag your hotel on their accounts spreads the word, good and sadly, bad too!

Be ‘the oracle’ for recommending the best treats beyond your hotel

Essential 2: Freshly Laundered Linens

There is nothing like a great night’s sleep to return a 5-star review. At Vision so many of our product reviews come from people who have stayed in hotels, found our Vision labels, and bought our filled and flat bedding, following what they say is ‘the best night’s sleep.’

To achieve a perfect bed and bath fresh linen look, laundering is essential, even if you have stored your linens carefully over the slower months. Laundering for the new season is the perfect time to stock take, check quality, and order replacements if necessary.

The big hotel brands make sure they have ample pro rata stock that once washed, dried, and ironed, is laid flat to rest before they are put into bedrooms and bathrooms, and we are sure we don’t need to advise you on how to run your linen cupboards.

However, as we write, the situation in the Red Sea is disrupting shipping and delivery times. Currently, ships are re-routing around the Cape of Good Hope, adding approximately 15 days to journey times and our agents and logistics experts warn there could be delays at UK ports. We advise, where possible, to plan in advance to avoid any stock issues later in the year.

High on the agenda of guests now is sustainability. Demonstrating your sustainability credentials can be difficult, but Vision can help. Our range of ecopure bedding offers GOTS certified organic cotton and recycled superfine polyester fibre filling. The ecopure All Seasons King-Size duvet recycles plastics equivalent to 152 bottles. Letting your guests know that the luxurious comfort they are snuggling into at night is environmentally conscious is a win-win.

Reusing towels is a mainstay message for guests, but to add even more sustainability messaging, ecopure towels are designed to save energy and water during laundering. LTC Worldwide tested, they feature Rapid Hydro Release technology that delivers a soft and durable feel, and they dry 39 per cent quicker than other comparable 100 per cent cotton towels. The ecopure range is the choice of voco Hotels who pride themselves on their eco credentials.

Whilst we talk about linens, we must remind you about your tablecloths. These are a simple and affordable way to update your look for the new season. Returning guests will appreciate a change in look and feel and new guests will appreciate the care you put into staying on trend. Neutrals are taking the stage in decorating in 2024!

Essential 3: Guest Information Pack

You don’t have a concierge? What can you do? Hotel receptionists are often also the concierge, so to ensure they are the oracle for your guests make sure you use the new season as an opportunity to update your local guides, things-to-do list, and restaurant recommendations and ensure this is available in rooms and reception.

Show you are experts. Guest information should be tailored to your guests’ needs and demonstrates you know your clients. Try to envisage what your guests would like to see; if you are in the countryside and attract hikers recommend the best local walks and provide details of how long and difficult, they are. If you are coastal, advise on which are the cleanest and most picture-perfect beaches. If you have fantastic National Trust properties, renowned art galleries or visitor attractions that lure guests, try to agree discounts, and collate them to tempt your guests to explore the area.

If you have guest reviews from last year, look to them for advice on their recommendations too. Last year’s guest feedback is worth its weight in gold and is a go-to for preparing for the new season. If you did get anything wrong last year, it will be documented in your feedback, alongside all the things at which you excelled.

Essential 4: Little Extras

Many branded hotels greet guests with a welcome drink, or in warm countries a cooling face cloth and they may even serve a welcome canape. What can your hotel learn from this? A little extra goes a long way to impress new guests and ensure returning customers and is another opportunity to show eco-conscious credentials. Make your welcome and little extras unique and appropriate to your brand.

There is no easier way to impress than a considered amenities tray containing some locally made biscuits to go with some specialty tea selections or coffee bags/pods. It is difficult to appeal to every visitor, but a selection of offerings demonstrates the thought you have invested in their wellbeing.

If you are an adult-only hotel, a welcome bottle of prosecco is the perfect way to add a bubble of excitement and a social media moment. If your property welcomes children, pay particular attention to their little treats – perhaps some small chocolates, a healthy snack or a colouring book will impress the whole family. And don’t forget the pets! if you are making a home for them as well then, a small investment in some dog treats and a practically placed water bowl will go a long way.

Little extras are an opportunity to stand out from the crowd and will be your USP when it comes to memories.

Essential 5: Signature Scent

Top hotels invest in perfumeries who create signature scents that permeate from the lobby to the bedrooms. Take inspiration from the leading hotels and select well-chosen atomisers and reed diffusers throughout your hotel, making sure to choose just one scent to avoid any nasty clashes. Sense of smell is a memory maker, and we recommend you think of your brand and location when settling on your scent, after all, there are millions to choose from.

If your guests leave wanting to know what your signature smell is and where they can get it, you know you won’t be forgotten soon, as they try to recreate their experience in their own homes. To all housekeepers and hotel teams, we wish you a happy and prosperous 2024.

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