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Electrolux Professional unveils myPROXL

Electrolux Professional has unveiled its latest laundry solution for small business with high laundry load demands up to 12kg, the myPROXL range of washers and dryers.

Specifically designed for small businesses that require greater laundry capacity, such as holiday and caravan parks, as well as public sector organisations such as local authorities and housing associations, the myPROXL range offers the optimum combination of small footprint and commercial quality.

High on the agenda for Electrolux Professional was the need to create a faster and more efficient washing process that would also guarantee maximum durability. Built to last more than 15,000 cycles, the myPROXL lasts six times longer than the typical domestic washer with thanks to the eight-point spring suspension and steel counterweights.

The most notable feature of the myPROXL is the 12kg drum, which has been designed for a larger loading capacity to increase overall washroom productivity. The washers are equipped with a default 35-minute cold water programme, and are able to complete a full load (cotton normal 60°C programme) in just 73 minutes, using as little as 1.01kW per cycle. The myPROXL washer also includes dedicated disinfection programs which can be set to different temperatures (up to 68°C) and times, to enable operators to meet any necessary hygiene standards.

Alongside this, the myPROXL dryers only take 87 minutes to complete a cycle with a full 12kg load of cotton at 60 per cent residual moisture. Both units have the option to be stacked in series to further save space, with the controls of the dryer being moved from top to bottom for ease of use.

As with all Electrolux Professional solutions, ergonomics have been heavily factored into the design of myPROXL range to ensure ease of operation and maintenance. Featuring easy push buttons, selecting the right program is simple and hassle free with specific options available to meet every need. Users can also enjoy improved hygiene and cleanliness thanks to dedicated disinfection programmes that come with different temperature and time selection.

Most importantly for business owners, the efficiencies on offer directly translate into operating costs, as the myPROXL delivers major energy savings that can have a real impact on the bottom line. Not only does an A+ energy rating offer significant financial reductions, but the machine has been equipped with adjustable water levels to ensure maximised water and energy savings.

Darren Lockley, head of region – UK & Ireland at Electrolux Professional, comments: “Given the ever-evolving nature of the professional textile industry, we were aware that there was a need to bridge the gap for smaller businesses and organisations that have high laundry outputs, such as holiday parks and the public sector.

“Ultimately, we’ve taken everything that was successful with the myPRO and up-scaled to create the myPROXL, a durable and efficient laundry solution to suit all needs.”

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