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Hotel Inspector 6th June Vision tablecloth

Did you spot Vision’s tablecloths on The Hotel Inspector?

Famous for her straight-talking attitude and her quest to salvage some of the worst-run hotels in the UK, award-winning hotelier Alex Polizzi paid a visit to Rosehill House Hotel recently where Vision’s very own tablecloths even made an appearance.

The hotel, located in Burnley, was built in 1856 for a wealthy cotton mill owner and was restored and converted into a hotel, operating as such since 1963.

This Victorian manor house is run by John and his daughter Emma and was featured on Channel 5’s The Hotel Inspector in June where it was undecided what to do about its future.

Featuring some of Vision’s signature tablecloths, the hotel was filled with clutter and ornaments that Polizzi described as ‘creepy’. Bookings had recently taken a sharp decline and John was contemplating converting the struggling hotel into flats.

Polizzi, who comes from a long line of hoteliers and whose family own the Rocco Forte hotel brand, visited the Burnley hotel and thought that a way to restore their fortunes was through functions and events.

Vision were asked to provide a number of luxury tablecloths to use in the redesign of the hotel for the programme and supplied a number of different sizes for the Channel Five hit TV show.

The show, which aired on Thursday 6th June, at 9pm showed how Polizzi re-imagined the purpose of the hotel and how the new look and feel proved to be a huge hit.

Vision’s managing director, Laurie Thomas, said: “We were thrilled when the production team approached us to supply our hospitality textiles to be used in the upcoming show.

“We’re a global company but we’re proud of our local roots so it was wonderful to be able to help a struggling local business try and turn around their fortunes – we just hope our tablecloths went a little way to making that possible!”

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