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Delia’s deep thinking

Housekeeping Today’s columnist Delia Cannings is not all that fond of the term ‘deep clean’. She explains: “To my mind it implies accumulations of soil have been allowed to build up, which is not always a true reflection of the situation. Therefore, a more appropriate term might be a scheduled, detailed clean which acknowledges the activity is planned and not reactive.

“There are many areas within our buildings that will require this scheduled activity and may include kitchens where cookers and heavy equipment needs to move to facilitate detailed cleaning. Main frame computer units, carpet cleaning and stripping and sealing floors and, in the case of hospitals, the operating theatres walls and ceilings. Ducting ventilation grilles all require a planned programme of detailed cleaning and maintenance to avoid the accumulation of soilage which is often referred to as a ‘Deep Clean’, such a negative term.”

Cannings reminds us that businesses are relying on cleaning teams and housekeeping staff to provide safe spaces, and that means professionally cleaned, safe environments. Do not ‘Deep Clean, Keep Clean’ is her message.

To ensure we are compliant:

  • Ensure COVID 19 safe measures are embraced (followed)– Hands, Face, Space.
  • Risk Assessment is available, meeting compliance requirements and understood by all, particularly where language barriers may be a factor
  • Adhere to a two-stage process of Clean and Disinfect
  • ‘Use and lose’ your cleaning cloths or wipes
  • Dispose of waste with care
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