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Crerar’s fair share pay-out

Some 200 employees at Scotland’s Crerar Hotels are set to share in the group’s new Fair Fund scheme this month on top of their wages. Crerar, which operates seven, four-star and five-star hotels, launched the scheme in June.

Guests enjoying meals or spa treatments can opt in to have a 10 per cent charge added to their bill if they’ve received outstanding service. Now the first quarterly share out is due with £150,000 in the Fair Fund.

Chris Wayne-Wills, chief executive, said: “The Fair Fund ensures staff receive a pay-out proportionate to the hours they work and means that those working behind the scenes are also rewarded.”

The new scheme is part of a range of employee benefits launched by Crerar Hotel in recent months. They’ve committed £1 million to attract and retain talent, developing skills though a Crerar Academy.

Chris Wayne-Wills, Crerar Hotels chief executive
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