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COVID-19 Returning to Safer Spaces workshop now available

Delia Cannings

Development of the workforce is a fundamental aspect of any business, writes Delia Cannings. Lifelong learning and widening participation are key features in supporting future success. The recent pandemic has created a flurry of reactive activity, including a review of how we do things focusing on improvement. We have seen much in the media, including conflicting ideas and wild claims. Companies offering to decontaminate with sprays mists and other mechanisms. Do we evaluate their claims or measure the outcomes? The truth is often we don’t!

The removal of any virus or bacteria-based contaminant requires a simple, specific process. Stage one is to clean; stage two is to disinfect. Housekeeping teams and those with a cleaning remit are quite capable of providing this service with the correct skill set, training and understanding of chemical competence. External providers may be engaged when the need dictates. However, this must be verified through careful examination of credentials, claims made and how outcomes will be measured. Those of us in hospitality have a vested interest in ensuring we have structured processes in place so all can return to safer environments and, through the learning process, embed best practice principles and monitor them robustly.

To this end Environmental Excellence Training & Development have responded to demand, designing a unique model which covers what you need to know to assist in the recovery from COVID-19 alongside having a workforce skilled-up to reduce the potential for future risks.

Course Aims

The programme is aimed at housekeeping teams within the hospitality sector and designed to enhance awareness of issues associated with COVID-19 and returning to work. The course content covers best practice in cleaning techniques directed at minimising risk factors. It provides structured guidance on the crucial steps to be taken in preparation for opening with confidence. Finally, we will work with you to develop operating procedures covering individual cleaning techniques which will ultimately support the provision and subsequent maintenance of safer spaces. The workshop covers: preparation to clean, touchpoint cleaning, the decontamination process and correct safe use of PPE. Learners will investigate the importance of managing risk to deliver safer spaces. The course is inter-active using a mixture of theory, practical, presentations and discussion sessions.

Course Content

  • COVID 19 – Facts
  • Managing risk to deliver safer spaces
  • Returning to hotels, work preparation
    PPE – Fact not Fiction
  • Understanding Cleaning and disinfecting
  • Dilution, use and disposal of cleaning agents
  • Selecting cleaning resource
  • Cleaning techniques demonstration and practice
  • Safe use, care and storage of cleaning resource
  • Developing user friendly compliance documentation pictorial SOPS, Risk Assessments and Guides
  • Auditing cleaning outcomes


The overall aim is to develop, embed and maintain the absolute best in cleaning practices. This will instil confidence in colleagues and client groups, and ensure housekeeping teams are fully developed to manage the future through embedding the fundamental principles of cleaning science as we strive to maintain healthy environments. This workshop may be delivered in house. The content builds upon the knowledge, skills and behaviours already held with a renewed focus on processes to reduce risks. Awareness, and practice of tried and tested recognised cleaning techniques is the key objective. Candidates are expected to be constructive and supportive, so all participants understand and apply these standards feeling confident, able to promote continuous improvement and contribute more effectively to their hotel as a safer space for customers.

Two workshops – delivered in one day or as required Certification: Recognised awarding body accreditation available. Joint branding available Costs:
Funding available subject to criteria being met.

Progression Routes:

  • Access to continuous professional development may include
  • Pandemic Awareness
  • Infection prevention and control with a cleaning in hotels focus
  • Cleaning management
  • Specialist cleaning skills
  • Evaluation and selection of cleaning equipment resource and machines Waste management
  • Professional auditing for housekeepers
  • Tailored housekeeping programme designed to embrace your exact needs

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