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Continuous professional development and the training environment

For any business to deliver top quality services, it is essential that they develop and train the workforce.

Environmental Excellence Training & Development Ltd was founded in 2010 and was the creation of Delia Cannings who was driven by an ambition to raise the profile of our housekeeping, cleaning and hospitality teams.

The embedding of her industry knowledge, passion, dedication and unique audience style enabled the subsequent success this training organisation is today. Alongside her team of industry professionals, Cannings contributes to national media activity ensuring the cleaning voice is heard. Many successful projects resulted in her receiving the Queen’s Anniversary Prize awarded at Buckingham Palace. Development of the workforce is a fundamental aspect of any business. Lifelong learning, widening participation and succession planning are key features in supporting future success.

The funding avenues and government income streams are no longer as robust as they had been in previous years; this has resulted in an expected financial contribution from employers for most of the training provision available today. This situation was compounded by the effects of a recovering economy. The overall result manifested itself in the demise of some qualifications and the reduced take up of many others. However, many committed employers continue to invest in their staff and in the true spirit of employer engagement, robust partnerships have been developed across the sector with externally regulated training providers and the rewards of such investments are becoming apparent.

The uptake of qualifications within the sector is predicted to increase dramatically over the next few years as levy paying employers access training and education. The great news is that the apprenticeship programmes which were designed by trailblazer groups actually meet the specific needs of the sector, since employers have been instrumental in the design of the programmes.

Environmental Excellence walks us through some of the key elements which make a strong learning environment.

The Training Environment

The most crucial element to ensure value for your financial investment and successful training outcomes is the suitability of the learning environment. An area which has been well thought out and designed accordingly will enhance, support and promote success. An environment which embraces new technologies, enabling learners to respond with knowledge to the emerging trends and industry impacts providing stimulated settings to replicate that which you may find within the sector.

This environment must be complimented with access to reputable products including fixtures fittings, appliances, bathroom accessories, bed linen and towels, cleaning agents and manual and mechanical cleaning equipment. These factors will enable real time development of evaluation, selection, comparison and budgeting skills as learners review and make choices whilst investigating quality and cost in use. The development of these skills will contribute in a meaningful way to their knowledge, educational success and subsequent journey within the hospitality sector.

The delivery area must be non-threatening large enough to accommodate novice operators who are training on cleaning equipment, machinery or safe handling techniques. Storage and disposal areas must embrace and promote safety in the use and care of equipment, security, environmental, decontamination and compliance aspects. Manual and electrical equipment must be clean in good working order and electrical goods PAT tested annually. Access to a water font is essential as well as an area away from the training to relax. Theory should be delivered in an environment free from potential barriers to learning, Room layout is crucial, it should provide comfort and maximise visibility, whilst colour should be vibrant, welcoming and inviting. The use of information technology must be appropriate to the type of course and or students, therefore use should be limited to a professional presentation, not death by powerpoint.

In conjunction with the aspects referenced a comprehensive library of learning materials is vital. Up to date information is crucial to keep learners accurately informed. To ensure equal opportunities, equality and diversity are embedded and valued, topical pictorial and language appropriate resources should be feature positively across all courses.

Learners will require access to current COSSH assessments, risk assessments, standard operating procedures and method statements. A copy of the appeals procedure, equality and diversity, hand washing, colour coding and health and safety policies should be visible. Other relevant policies should be held on file with easy access for the learners.

Prior to a course taking place learners needs must be established and support mechanisms provided if required. Each learner should receive joining instructions which will set out the aims, objectives and expectations of the course. Registers must be completed to evidence attendance and comply with fire regulations, and evaluation methods are essential to enable learner feedback which will prove extremely valuable at the review stage.

You only get one chance to make a first impression, therefore pull out all the stops. When you get it right first-time repeat business will follow. The secret of excellent results and repeat business is planning and preparation. “Failure to plan is planning to fail.” Remember your name goes a lot further than your feet.

Environmental Excellence Training and Development Ltd are proud to share a wonderful learning environment in the heart of the Midlands with our learners. A wise person once said “People don’t really care how much you know; however, they want to know how much you care.”

At Environmental Excellence Training and Development Ltd we truly care about our learners and the environment they study in and student satisfaction is our driver for success.


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