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CleanConscience has new patron

Daniel Pedreschi, the PPHE Hotel Group’s Regional Vice President Operations, UK has been revealed as the new Patron for the CleanConscience charity.

Expressing his delight at the appointment, he said: “CleanConscience is a unique charity that assists UK hotels, restaurants, pubs, and offices to deal with challenging waste streams, like redundant or surplus mattresses, linen, bedding, curtains, furniture, coffee trays, anything that still has a reuse value.”

Salvaged items are donated to the other charities they support, or offered back to the public in exchange for a donation, to cover overheads and to support their own charity funds.

As Pedreschi points out, due to being a grassroots organisation, working closely with many other grassroots organisations, they are well placed to act as a ‘matchmaker’ between businesses and smaller less ‘mobile’ charities, and they thrive on solving any challenge that is presented to them.

Over the years they have supported 63 other community organisations and registered charities in the UK, one charity in Sierra Leone, and six charities in Lithuania. They have assisted the businesses with diverting more than 8,800 tonnes of items, that still had a resource value, from being landfilled or incinerated.

He said: “This appointment is very much in step with my commitment to enhance PPHE Hotel Group’s commitment to sustainability and through that to encourage my peers in the hospitality industry to follow suit. The appointment also compliments my involvement with the charity Hospitality Action.”

CleanConscience founder & CEO Gwen Powell said: “We’re delighted to welcome Daniel Pedreschi as our latest patron. His passion for the hospitality sector and enthusiasm for our work will be invaluable to ensure our endeavours remain sustainable. We are excited to work with Daniel, and indeed carry on our great partnership with the PPHE Hotel Group!”

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