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New Beginnings

New beginnings

Lorraine Dale, national chair of the UKHA has a message for our readers: Lorraine Dale What a difference a year makes! As a hardworking passionate housekeeper with a vested interest in the industry my heart goes out to all of…

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Perfect Little Touches

Perfect little touches

Our returning guests will be both delighted and reassured to see shiny, new appliances and the toiletries and well-being choices which make a stay extra special In recent issues we’ve looked at replacement beds and bedding plus pristine new-look bathrooms.…

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The New Cleaning Regime

The new cleaning regime

Do we now need to see what is usually referred to as ‘deep cleaning’ as simply part of enhanced sanitisation protocols rather than a date on the calendar? We’ve talked a lot in recent issues about how the often ‘invisible’…

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Dive Into Deep Cleaning

Dive into deep cleaning

You don’t need to dive that deep into the new cleaning regime, but it might feel like this, including the protective gear sometimes required! Photo : William Warby Once a date on the calendar within all the standard housekeeping work…

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Hospitality Under Siege

Hospitality under siege

The battle to save the hospitality industry in the face of increasing restrictions and shutdown orders under COVID-19 measures is now involving petitions and threats of legal action against the UK government. Leading figures are backing a petition calling on…

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