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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Whether arrangements are lifelike ‘faux florals’ or nature’s blooms and greenery, they are a sight to lift spirits in hotels.

Many of us will have had that ‘I can’t believe it’s not real’ moment when we discover a beautiful flowral display is not exactly what we thought. Innovative Floral Image has gained recognition for its commitment to delivering lifelike floral arrangements. The business has been making a name for itself in the world of sustainable floral arrangements, captivating audiences not only in the UK but also beyond its borders. They are now in over 82 regions across 18 countries, further expanding their reach and commitment to sustainable floral practices.

A commitment to delivering lifelike arrangements that not only enhance spaces but also align with environmentally responsible practices has seen their impact extend far and wide, particularly in the hospitality sector, where vibrant displays uplift spirits in hotels and restaurants across the country. Jason Foster of Floral Image says: “What truly sets Floral Image apart is dedication to sustainability. In a world increasingly aware of environmental concerns, our faux florals provide a guilt-free alternative to fresh flowers. Refreshed monthly, clients can enjoy the latest design trends without the hassle of maintenance, all while significantly reducing costs.”

A commitment to delivering lifelike arrangements that not only enhance spaces but also align with environmentally responsible practices

Jason Foster of Floral Image prepares to deliver yet another magnificent display

Understanding the psychology of colour, Floral Image harnesses the power of hues to evoke positive sentiments and brighten moods. Indeed, few things can match the universal joy elicited by a well-crafted floral arrangement, making them a must-have for businesses seeking to create welcoming, uplifting spaces.

Foster explains: “Our process at Floral Image is designed with convenience and transparency in mind. We operate as a subscription-based service, delivering stunning floral arrangements directly to businesses on a monthly basis for a small fee. We pride ourselves on offering flexibility with no long-term contracts or commitments and absolutely no hidden expenses.

“For those curious about the Floral Image experience, we extend an enticing offer: a complimentary trial to sample our products and services first hand. This gesture not only showcases our confidence in the quality and appeal of our arrangements but also invites potential clients to witness the transformative effect of lifelike florals in their own environments.”

In a world where sustainability and aesthetics intersect, he sees Floral Image as a beacon of innovation and excellence. Their commitment to delivering sustainable, lifelike floral arrangements has earned them accolades and a loyal clientele. With each arrangement, they not only adorn spaces with beauty but also inspire a deeper appreciation for the harmony between nature and design providing lifelike beauty with no pollens or perfumes.

Bloomsbury Flowers recently supplied the arrangements for the 2024 Springboard Awards for Excellence, the not-for-profit organisation supporting unemployed people to improve their job prospects in hospitality

Anoma Radkevitch has now been director of Bloomsbury Flowers, a renowned Central London florist, for a year alongside Sandhurst-based florist Lady Flora. The Covent Garden-based floral art specialists opened in 1994 by former Royal Ballet dancers Stephen Wicks and Mark Welford, who knew their vision of inspiring London society with gorgeous floristry was in safe hands when they handed over the reins.

Radkevitch says: “If you want to bring the beauty of nature inside we have years of experience creating bespoke floral arrangements for offices, hotels, restaurants and bars across London. Our bespoke hotel displays are legendary and will really make your space and brand.” Time is taken to understand clients’ expectations and the style wanted within their budget. Displays are then changed weekly and checked upon multiple times each week to ensure freshness. Account customers are not charged for delivery to the contract venue and there’s a promise of punctual delivery of weekly floral displays to enhance interiors and make a lasting impression on clients, partners, and employees. They also provide a quick same-day concierge gifting service.

Radkevitch concludes: “From elegant boardrooms to welcoming reception areas and displays for special occasions, our arrangements bring a touch of sophistication. Our commitment to quality and freshness means your flowers will remain fresh and vibrant throughout the duration of their display.”

The owner of Elizabeth Marsh Flora
Design is involved in a project which
could transform how florists use water

At Elizabeth Marsh Flora Design there’s a big focus on sustainability. For a start, being based at the flower market, their zero waste to landfill policy begins at exactly the right place. They recycle all left-over event flowers, through groups like Floral Angels, who give them to people in hospices and old people’s homes, and are looking at better ways to deliver flowers, already using an electric van.

Owner Liz Marsh revealed to Housekeeping Today that they are also involved in a project where filter prototypes have been produced enabling florists to reuse water within their businesses, whether that’s wastewater with chlorine in or decayed plant material, rather than send it down the drains to rivers or processing plants.

This could save thousands of litres of water, and Marsh believes this could transform the sector: “Being able to reuse water this way would have a huge impact,” she says. Both floral designers and florists are aware of the environmental factors in bringing flowers from abroad and Marsh follows initiatives reducing water usage in hot countries, while in cooler ones solar energy is being introduced to provide heating during growing periods. She prefers to use UK grown flowers, particularly those that are indigenous to this country.

And staying closer to home, she’s keen to stress the difference between a florist and a floral designer. Floristry matches people to flowers based on occasions and personal tastes, while floral design considers matching environments to displays, with ‘thinking outside the vase’.

This includes spotting that since the pandemic part of the ‘people touch’ calls for floral design which clearly sends the message ‘I see you, I hear you’. She’s noticed far more smaller and intimate events are taking place. The aim is to create more memorable experiences and that’s something Liz Marsh very much supports.

Would you know this is a ‘faux florals’ arrangement from Floral Image?

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