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Attention! HC-One are on guard

Liz Whyte, director of standards
Liz Whyte, director of standards

The battle against COVID-19 is being taken to the ‘enemy’ at leading care home provider HC-One with the formation of an Infection Control Army from within its ranks, determined to defend and protect residents, colleagues and visitors.

Some 800 staff have ‘signed up’. All colleagues receive infection control training as part of their induction when they join HC-One; now new modules have been added to reflect changes to government guidance. The Infection Control Army has completed additional training so they can coach, train and mentor others.

Leading the charge is HC-One’s director of standards and COVID-19 lead Liz Whyte, a registered nurse with over 30 years’ experience working in the care home sector. All HC-One care homes now have a Housekeeping Champion and a Care and Clinical Champion, who are members of the Infection Control Army. Their responsibilities include overseeing infection control measures, including effective use of PPE, regular handwashing and social distancing as well as enhanced cleaning and decontamination procedures. 

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