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ADA’s Bendix plans for a new era

ADA Cosmetics International CEO Kai Bendix has presented plans for the company’s growth strategy – with significant investment in developing innovative sustainable products very much at the heart of the project.

Bendix, 52, took on the top management role shortly after the first lockdown in July 2020. But the challenges were already enormous prior to that. The market for hotel cosmetics is encountering strong competitive pressure at the same time as environmental awareness and responsibility have increasingly become key economic factors.

ADA Cosmetics has now presented its growth strategy. With the slogan “New ADA,” the German hotel cosmetics manufacturer plans to sharpen its brand positioning, invest massively in the development of sustainable product innovations, and strengthen its commitment to sustainability. Among other things, the company plans to invest substantially in future-oriented dispenser systems as well as in a new generation of younger, more sustainable skin care products.

Bendix says: “Sustainability needs to be a planned objective of product innovations. This means that instead of doing whatever is technically feasible, we develop product solutions that contribute to the bigger picture.”

Kai Bendix

The company’s R&D department is already working intensively on innovations with a focus on the careful use of resources, avoidance of waste, and efficient recycling. A return system for empty cartridges and a method for aseptic filling of open dispenser systems are also in the works.

Early next year, ADA plans to launch a new, completely sustainable cosmetics range including everything from shower gel to nail files. Work continues on packaging that will significantly increase the use of recycled and renewable materials.

The company is planning to expand in Asia’s growth markets, primarily in China. Bendix, who is very familiar with the market from his work for the Nivea brand, has established a new structure there in recent months that coordinates and networks sales activities – from supply chain to marketing – across national boundaries. At the same time, management structures have been reorganised. The new leadership team is expected to drive forward and control expansion on the Asian markets efficiently.

The management team is on the lookout worldwide for exciting, young skin-care brands as potential partners. This offers a lot of potential for both sides. ADA Cosmetics would

gain access to inspiring, new product ideas. At the same time, this plays into the company’s plan to enter the consumer business and build a second foothold. ADA Cosmetics, in turn, will pave the way for young partners to develop viable product concepts as well as new target groups and markets – also on an international level.

Despite the corona setbacks, the signs are once again pointing to growth for ADA Cosmetics. CEO Bendix is optimistic: “In the coming years, the “New ADA” will help make us stronger, more innovative, and more sustainable than ever before.”

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