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When only the best will do…

Housekeeping Today UK’s Tina Gleed finds out why making great linen choices is key to keeping guests happy.

There are many things that require the constant attention of a housekeeping department – with linens that grace the hotel’s beds, towel rails and restaurant tables receiving top priority. This, of course, is understandable when you consider the fact that guests spend a major portion of their stay in direct contact with one or other of the above-mentioned items. So, what of the linens themselves?

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“Linens are often the first and last thing a guest touches during their stay,” says Richard Yates, sales director at Linen Connect. “Consequently, it is difficult to overemphasise how important it is to get the buying decision right.” Linen Connect prides itself on the quality of its wide range of linen products and is particularly proud of its Turkish quality Nimbus (500gsm) and Tuscany (650gsm) towels that are proving popular with customers. “We frequently get emails from hotel guests asking if they can purchase our products for their home.

However, whilst we are flattered by their enquiries, unfortunately we cannot comply as our entire focus is on the supply to the laundry and linen rental markets,” says managing director, Professor Vikas Shah MBE. We asked Linen Connect how they would sum up the main benefits of its linen products in just a few words. Back came the answer: ‘Peace of mind.’ Another supplier to the linen rental market is Richard Haworth. Established in 1876, the company enjoys a track record that speaks volumes for its ability to meet the needs of the hospitality sector. With more than 1.5 million items in stock – all available for next day delivery – the company has set itself up to meet the most demanding of customer requests. Managing director Raj Ruia says, “We believe that quality and consistency are key to ensuring the high demands of customers are met. Each and every product supplied goes through a rigorous set of specified tests at our on-site laboratory. “We have three dedicated full time members of staff who have more than 40 years combined experience in textile technology and are registered to ISO 9001:2015 standards. Consequently, we can be very confident of the quality and consistency of all our products.”

Housekeepers are able to visit the mill and discuss with the company’s R&D team their specific operational issues and how Richard Haworth can assist in finding a solution. But the supply of quality linen products from companies such as Richard Haworth and Linen Connect is only half the story. Today the majority of hotels choose to rent their linen rather than purchase direct. “Hotels who rent their linen benefit in a number of ways,” says Steve Clarke, CLEAN’s chief commercial officer. They don’t have to invest in buying and maintaining a large stock of linen as the entire process is managed by the supplier. With good internal husbandry and careful management of stock levels by the laundry, high-quality linen will always be available to the hotel.

“The complex quality control systems operated by CLEAN across its seven sites are designed to ensure customers receive an excellent experience through the entire process. By taking a partnership approach to maintain a two-way dialogue with customers, coupled with tools such as unique identification RFID tags embedded into laundry items, enables stock to be expertly and efficiently tracked and delivery accuracy to become even more precise so any issues can be addressed promptly.”

Providing a bespoke package that fits the precise requirements of each business is also fundamental, as CLEAN’s customers can take a ‘pick and mix’ approach when choosing from more than 60 products throughout its newly launched three-range-strong white linen collection to meet their operational objectives. For hotels situated in Scotland and the North of England, the linen rental company that really stands out is Fishers.

Every day the company’s fleet of vehicles travel the length and breadth of Scotland and the North to ensure that its customers in the hospitality sector have…


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