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Housekeeping Today UK July / August 2017 features include:

Cleaning Up – Trolleys, Carts and Chemicals
Jean Anderson looks into the detail and design of trolleys and carts – an essential piece of equipment in any housekeeping operation. Housekeeping carts bring to mind vague memories of old films where the hero hides in the cart to escape the villains and/or police and is pushed to safety by an innocent maid.

Bedtime Stories – Beds, Mattresses Duvets and Pillows
New products are introduced to the market every year, and beds and mattresses are no exception, with new technologies and sleep benefits included in the claims made by manufacturers. Which is best for you? Tina Gleed takes alook at what’s available and best suited to the hotel market.

Setting the Scene – Say it with flowers
Floral design expert Elizabeth Marsh tells Housekeeping Today all about the power of flowers. “My belief is that the floral décor should tie into the brand and marketing strategy of the hotel in question.

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