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Housekeeping Today UK May / June 2017 features include:

Sleep tight – Bed and Bath linen – Rental outsourcing
Housekeepers facing the daily challenge of meeting customer demands for top quality bed and bath linen could find that opting for rental outsourcing is the practical and economic answer to reliable supplies. Jean Anderson reports.

Business as usual – Outsourcing your recruitment
Finding the right staff can be time consuming. Help is at hand as we look at the option of outsourcing. Many hotels and housekeepers now look to external companies to meet their day-to-day staffing needs, whether it’s in the laundry department, banqueting staff, and particularly housekeeping staff where turnover can be high.

In Too Deep – Specialist Cleaning Services
Jean Anderson reports on the specialist services available to give floors, carpets, curtains and upholstery a really thorough clean.

SMART and MOBILE – Technology solutions for keeping the team up-to-date
Looking at the current industry press, it is obvious that the hospitality industry is now catching up in its use of technology and software: hand-held devices at the point of sales, online booking processes with smart revenue management software built in, guest feedback collection via various social media platforms, software to manage compliance and operational activities – the list could go on and on.


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