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Mattress hygeine, Asset protection, and the solution to the growing bed bug problem

The problem

As your hotel guests return each night to a comfy mattress of which we lie for 8 to 9 undisturbed hours they expect to have a restful night’s sleep. Yet, night after  night, the mattress will serve as the perfect environment for allergen collection and bacteria growth while also serving as a safe haven for bed bugs and dust mites. If you’re concerned about your hotel guests’ sleep experience and want to avoid the promotion of allergy symptoms and bed bug bits you will want to take preventative immediately.

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The mattress is an ecosystem of gross stuff

In a matter of weeks your mattress assets can be overrun by allergens, bacteria, dust mites, and staining from bodily fluids and other liquids. Dust mites, a microscopic creepy crawler who lives in pillows and mattresses are busy chomping away at our dead skin. Although these creatures prefer dead skin cells and do not bite the living, people still experience allergic reactions to the mites. symptoms of a dust mite allergy include difficulty breathing, asthma, watery eyes, sinus problems, sore throat, itchy skin and rashes – all things we don’t want our hotel guests to experience during their stay.

Bed bugs are back stronger than ever

The bed bug population has increased by 500% in the past 10 years largely due to increased travel (both foreign and domestic), the bugs ability to develop immunity to pesticides and the lack of public awareness. Once a single beg bug is introduced to your hotel it will multiply exponentially in a six month period which results in asses spoilage, costly pest control services, loss of booking nights, and unhappy guests who tell everyone about their bed bug experience!

Take preventative action against bed bugs, allergens and staining

Your hotel will always have the option to throw out  bed bug infested or soiled mattress and box spring and schedule a pest control company to treat the room(s). However, that option will not protect your new assets from future investation, staining, and spoilage. To save your infested mattress or to protect new mattresses from future spoilage you should fully encase them with CleanRest’s mattress protection products.

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Proactive encasement options

CleanRest offers three solutions for mattress protection.

  1. CleanRest Pro: This product fully encapsulates the entire mattress and is sealed by our patented Zip-N-Click zipper closure to offer our maximum allergen, bed bug, and staining defense. This product is also the most effectie mattress encasement solution for exisiting bed bug infestation cases.
  2. CleanRest Hotel Kit: This product includes a fitted sheet style waterproof protector, and a 6-sided zippered encasement for bed bug protection.
  3. CleanRest Waterproof Mattress Protector: When protection from staining and fluids is the only concern our waterproof mattress protector will take the job. All of our waterproof products are highly breathable to avoid the creation of a hot bed.


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