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Housekeeping Today – March / April features include:

Room for more

Jean Anderson takes an inside look at the products guests are now expecting as standard in their room.

The list of things guests expect to find in their hotel rooms is now quite a long one and is likely to grow. They will expect to find not only luxury toiletries and refreshments but also irons, hairdryers and safes to make their stay comfortable and easy.


A fresh start for the future

From arriving at A Fresh Start you could immediately assume that this was a usual busy drycleaning shop with good trade from the residential apartments, corporate office blocks and large hotel chains nearby.

But behind the typical high street exterior lies a business with solid growth plans, an operational capacity that’s fit for the future and a management team with a clear vision to deliver.


Why hotels should consider installing an on-premise laundry

Increasing pressure to deliver quality to customers, boosting productivity of staff, and streamlining costs has resulted in a growing number of hotels embracing on-premise laundry (opl) systems.


A 360°staffing solution

Housekeeping is the backbone of any establishment, with those working in this fast-paced, demanding department often referred to as the unsung heroes of hospitality. That is why at Human One, they make it their mission to ensure their entire workforce feel appreciated for the hard work they do each day.


Mattress hygiene, Asset protection,  and the solution to the growing bed bug problem

As your hotel guests return each night to a comfy mattress of which we lie for 8 to 9 undisturbed hours they expect to have a restful night’s sleep.


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