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From arriving at A Fresh Start you could immediately assume that this was a usual busy drycleaning shop with good trade from the residential apartments, corporate office blocks and large hotel chains nearby.

But behind the typical high street exterior lies a business with solid growth plans, an operational capacity that’s fit for the future and a management team with a clear vision to deliver.

A fresh start drycleaning and laundry services for hotels

A bit of background

The business started 15 years ago to focus on providing high quality drycleaning and laundry services to local residents. Over the years owner, Ram Bessim, has continually looked at ways to grow the business and has successfully expanded into the hospitality market.

Bessim knew from the outset that, in this sector, you have to get the basics right and deliver on the core capability of processing hotel linen and staff uniforms to a high quality, consistently and reliably. But his firm belief has always been that, to truly succeed in the hotel market, you must approach the relationship with hotel management and housekeeping teams as one of a complete partnership.

Working together to create and drive through the real opportunities for increased revenue, and ultimately profitability, that can be realised by offering exceptional guest drycleaning and laundry services.

To deliver on this vision, last year the business invested in a large 10,000 sq ft factory facility in nearby Woolwich. With 25 washing machines, 50 dryers, three drycleaning machines and 10 pressing machines onsite, A Fresh Start really does have everything in place for new beginnings.

In other words, a new fresh start. Housekeeping Today UK’s editor, Fiona Henry, caught up with owner Ram Bassim to find out more about his business, their approach and the plans for the future.

So, tell us more about your work with hotels? We provide a professional guest drycleaning and laundry service to five-star deluxe and four-star plus hotels in the Greater London area.

Our service is currently available in over 1,000 hotel guest rooms and the type of hotel that uses our services ranges from small boutique hotels in Soho to London’s largest conference and exhibition hotel.

How do you see yourself as a partner to the hotel and housekeeping industry?

As a member of the UK Housekeepers Association we view our relationship with each hotel client as a true partnership. It is our job to make sure that the quality of finish for their guest drycleaning and laundry matches the standards and image of the hotel…


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